About Us

Managing your asset to reduce cost, increase efficiency and produce a high value product with our extensive global reach

The DCAS Team brings more than 30 years of technical and maintenance global experience within the reach of your organization. With our hands-on experience in South America, North America, Europe, and Asia, we are well verse to take on any project ranging from physical, technical, or analytical representation on most aircrafts ranging from Boeing, Airbus to Embraer and Gulfstream.

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Our Services

DCAS team have the capabilities to offer services on a technical level and on a records management level.

Aircraft Prepurchase inspections:

With a work scope in place and a LOI (Letter of Intent) – the DCAS team can take control of your project with deliverables to begin your purchase negotiations. This level of inspection and assessment is done with a high level of accuracy and compliance to ensure all airworthiness issues are identified.

Aircraft Deliveries and Redeliveries

Projects with this work scope will require the DCAS technical and records team on-site to ensure ALL physical and technical review are documented and organized to highlight items that will hinder airworthiness of the assets.

Aircraft Repossession

Repossessions can be incredibly challenging especially when working with foreign entities. With a versatile team that has been on many foreign land – DCAS can work through all mitigating issues to achieve amicable results to facilitate smooth transitions favorable to our clients

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