Our Services

DCAS team have the capabilities to offer services on a technical level and on a records management level.

Mid-Lease and Annual Inspections

Inspections are critical to achieving correct analysis and with the DCAS team, our clients get A&P extensive experience with airframe and powerplant to perform a complete and through inspection with documents reports for the technical team to review.

Records Services

Records review and management done the right way can promote efficiencies and cost savings for the Technical review aspect of any project. DCAS uses the most technologically advanced scanners that can handle any size of records from oversized flight logs to small data and ID tags. Scanning of aircraft records are scanned, OCR organized and uploaded within a few days when dealing with narrow and wide body aircrafts.

With the DCAS records team on your project – your technical team can perform detail analysis within days of taking possession of your assets.

Landing Gears and Engines Shop visits Oversight

Oversight management on major components is critical to ensuring quality is maintained. Mitigating issues on-site creates a sense of urgency and enforces schedule attainment for our clients. On-site management also ensures cost are of utmost importance and ensuring components are rigorously evaluated and inspected.

Aircraft Deliveries and Redeliveries

Projects with this work scope will require the DCAS technical and records team on-site to ensure ALL physical and technical review are documented and organized to highlight items that will hinder airworthiness of the assets.


Working with MRO’s, STC holders and DER’s and other engineers to accomplish light to heavy maintenance checks and conversions takes knowledge in planning and logistics to ensure no cost over-runs occurred. DCAS has the planning and logistical experience in various MRO’s to ensure your assets are managed and monitored to maintain forecasted schedules.